Blood, Sweat & My Rock’n Roll Years: Is Steve Katz a Rock Star – Signed

“Legendary guitarist Katz is or at least was definitely a rock star: a pioneer of the blues-rock genre with his early 1960s band, the Blues Project; a founder in the late 1960s of the groundbreaking and hugely popular jazz-rock big band Blood, Sweat & Tears; and the producer of Lou Reed’s best-selling and still-influential live LP Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal (as well as its follow-up Sally Can’t Dance, Reed’s only top-10 album). Katz engagingly recounts fascinating stories in an insightful, intelligent, sometimes wistful and sometimes funny style that makes this one of the few rock memoirs worth reading from beginning to end.” Includes shipping.


The Juggle – Signed

“It started out as a live album. Most of it still is, some of it in front of an audience, and some live in the studio in a few takes or less. Aside from a harmonica overdub, a harmony vocal, and a couple of surprises, this album has no frills and even a few mistakes. It is an acoustic retrospective of the way I originally wrote some of my songs from my days with The Blues Project and Blood Sweat & Tears and the songs that inspired me from my early folk music days in Greenwich Village.” Now shipping. Price includes shipping and handling (continental US, Mexico and Canada only).


Book and CD – Signed

Discount price for both. Shipping included.


Cover photo by Al Pereira