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When in Israel – Part 1



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The BS&T Horns

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My song on the moon with Apollo 14
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In the studio in Dublin with Horslips
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Me and Roy
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Oy Vey – Part 2

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yippie_bs&t copy.jpeg
A flyer distributed outside our MSG concert by Abbie Hoffman’s yippies.
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Central Park Reunion
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BP with Emmaretta

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BP at Central Park
american_flyer_rehearsal copy
American Flyer vocal rehearsal
aliceann copy
Alice Cooper and my Mom

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02-02-03BackstageGroup copy
Benefit for Dave Van Ronk with Pete Seeger, Jay and Molly, Christine Lavin, Oscar Brand and Garth Hudson
$(KGrHqR,!lwE+F0cgfpDBP+,MKHC4g~~60_57 copy
When in Israel, Part 2